Bagenal’s Castle

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    Albert Fry Associates

Bagenal’s Castle is a mid-sixteenth century fortified house and is a Scheduled Monument. It was long thought to have been destroyed until traces of it’s stonework were discovered in 1996 located within an industrial scale bakery complex.

Despite numerouse changes and significant development around the original castle, most if its fabric was found to be intact.

Archeological studies, undertaken after the discovery, confirmed that the remains dated from the sixteen century and that the house had been constructed over earlier medieval buildings (a Cistercian Abbey).

As a scheduled monument the degree of intervention was subject to the strictest control. Working in close collaboration with the local environmental protection agency a restoration strategy involving minimal intervention was developed.

Careful attention to temporary works design and installation facilitated removal of later, insensitive, insertions without impacting on the original historical fabric.

New elements of structure were inserted, as reversible interventions, carefully detailed to match the quality and importance of the original building and in a legible manner for future reference.

The completed scheme is widely regarded as a successful rescue of a significant building under threat undertaken with the objective of sustainably managing the heritage value of the original fabric for future generations.