Ladyswell & Hartstown Health & Social Housing

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Fold Ireland provide social housing for singles, couples and over fifty fives in Ireland with over 200 homes in the Greater Dublin area. The design of these homes is dedicated to the enhancement of the quality of life for Fold tenants through a unique combination of high quality accommodation and associated service options. Along with St Clare’s, the development at Hartstown is considered one of their two flagship facilities.

It provides 59 housing with care apartments for older people along with day care facilities for non residents and a primary care health centre to be managed by the Health Services Executive. These 56 Housing with Care apartments provide accommodation for residents with dementia on the ground floor while those located on the first floor house frail elderly residents with an independent entrance.

There are also three 3-person two bed bungalows located on the site. Each bungalow has its own front and back garden, private car parking and individually controlled gas fired central heating.  The design concept created a “village” to allow its residents to feel secure but independent and to be able to offer support services.

The main building has a range of communal facilities including a barbers, pub, reminiscence lounge, shared laundry, car parking at the front of the building as well as two secure gardens to the rear.