St. Clare’s Care Facility

  • Client

    HSE Dublin

  • Value (£)

    $10 M

  • Value ($)

  • Source Office

    Albert Fry Associates

Fold Ireland provide social housing for singles, couples and over fifty fives in Ireland with over 200 homes in the Greater Dublin area. The design of these homes is dedicated to the enhancement of the quality of life for Fold’s tenants through a unique combination of high quality accommodation and associated service options. Along with Hartstown, the development at St Clare’s is considered one of their two flagship facilities.

The development comprises 28 flats and a day care centre for older residents suffering with dementia.

In addition the site accommodates a Health Centre which is owned and managed by HSE Dublin North East. The Health Centre links to the Fold Ireland housing scheme and likewise, the Fold Ireland scheme links to the existing Sean Chara Community Unit, thus facilitating shared access to all services on the campus.

The health centre facilities provides health and social services to all Fold residents and, more particularly, provides health and social services to the local community.