Waste Transfer Station

  • Client

    North Down Borough Council

  • Value (£)

    £12.0 M

  • Value ($)

    $18.6 M

  • Source Office

    Albert Fry Associates

The Client’s brief for this project was to develop a high quality, state of the art facility to accommodate waste collection and compaction facilities, to provide modern, safe refuse fleet   vehicle maintenance facilities and to provide bright, well   ventilated comfortable office accommodation. These facilities were also required to deliver best practice with respect to   sustainability (i.e. to achieve a CEEQual rating of ‘excellent’) and to be visually appealing.

The waste handling element of the project features a tipping hall to accommodate refuse vehicles accessing three tipping chutes.  This hall is suspended over a basement compaction area and is designed to segregate vehicle and pedestrian   traffic, to be capable of rapid washing down and to be environmentally controlled to maintain clean, comfortable working conditions and to prevent escape of dust, odours and excessive sound break-out.

The basement level compaction floor accommodates three compactors allowing 8 to 1 compaction into fully enclosed road trailer units. An external vehicle circulation area, accessed by ramps, was provided at basement level. Pumping chambers, with generator back up and emergency overflow system were provided to ensure drainage of the open basement under all conditions.

The scheme incorporates a 100m high landmark wind turbine, sustainable (SUDS) drainage, rainwater harvesting, use of recycled blast furnace slag as a cement replacement in insitu concrete and photo-voltaic arrays on the roof.