Waterways Ireland Headquarters

  • Client

    Tracey Brothers

  • Value (£)


  • Value ($)

    $9.3 M

  • Source Office

    Albert Fry Associates

The 3750m² headquarters offices for Waterways Ireland along with the associated access junction improvements and dedicated right-hand turning lane was awarded the highest BREEAM “Excellent” rating in NI at that time and was the overall winner of the NI RICS 2007 Sustainability Awards and was a finalist in the RICS Sustainability World Grand Final.

Our primary approach to economic sustainability was exploitation of natural daylight, passive solar gain and natural ventilation.  Economic sustainability was further enhanced by use of a reinforced concrete structure as this made economic use of locally available resources, provided thermal mass to regulate abrupt temperature changes and provided robust detailing, consequential low maintenance and hence lower life cycle costs.

Environmental sustainability was enhanced by preservation of an existing lakeside reed bed habitat.

Social sustainability was addressed through collaboration with local stakeholders to identify opportunities for public use of areas of the facility after normal operating hours.

The BREEAM rating required the surface water runoff from the road junction, carpark and roof to be attenuated by means of SUDS i.e. limited to green-field runoff levels prior to discharge to the River Erne.