Caterpillar Manufacturing

Caterpillar (NI) Ltd (formerly F.G. Wilson (Eng) Ltd) is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of diesel and gas generator sets, and a global player and world leader in the provision of power generating solutions.

Albert Fry Associates played a key role for F.G. Wilson (Eng) Ltd in the development and adaptation of their headquarter plant and offices at the former GEC in Larne, and in the development of support plants at Springvale and Monkstown.

In recent times, Caterpillar (NI) Ltd have consolidated aspects of their Monkstown and Springvale assets to Larne to maximise both production and support services efficiencies. This exercise, known as Project Triathlon, involved extensive reordering of the plants structure and infrastructure at Larne.

We achieved completion of the works despite a challenging programme, and in a managed and phased sequence so as not to adversely affect the ongoing activities of research and development, production and despatch at Larne.

Albert Fry Associates maintain a continuous and harmonious ongoing relationship with Caterpillar (NI) Ltd; we consider them to be amongst our most valued and prestigious clients.

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Northern Ireland


Caterpillar (Formerly F.G. Wilson)


£20.0M (ongoing)


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