Housing Development at Rathgill Parade, Bangor, Co Down

This project, delivered through an NEC3 Engineering & Construction Contract; Option B by Hugh J O’Boyle for Radius Housing Association, developed a greenfield-site at Rathgill Parade, Bangor delivering 73 houses, 2 bungalows, 22 apartments and one retail unit with associated infrastructure comprising roads, drainage, utility supplies and civil engineering hydrological works to increase flood plain capacity. The site was extensively landscaped to provide an aesthetically pleasing area and playgrounds for the enjoyment of the residents.


The site itself presented a number of challenges being located within an existing residential area and in terms of varying below ground rock profiles. There were a number of existing major sewers traversing the site which remained live, protected and undisturbed except for those sections which were diverted under the contract. The works include remediation and verification works associated with contamination and ground gases. Interestingly, the site was located adjacent to ‘Balloo Wetlands’ nature reserve and we were required to ensure that this area was not adversely affected by surface water run-off resulting from the works.

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Rathgill Parade, Bangor




Radius Housing Association


Hugh J O’Boyle


JNP Architects

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